Boy’s Baseball

The season so far

Emily Beedlow, Staff Writer

Medina Baseball Coach Nick Kaplack has a simple goal for his team.

“My goal is to make the season as memorable as possible for the guys that are playing. Of course, the best memory will be winning a championship.”

In regards to bringing home a championship, the Bees are off to a strong start. Kaplack is impressed with his players actions on and off the field.

“The athletes work hard, listen, and are fun to be around on a daily basis,” says Kaplack.  “They are a very coachable and respectful group as they are complimented wherever we go on their behavior.”

The players focus on taking it one game at a time to try and win. They work the hardest that they can and put everything they have into each game.

Kaplack said, “There has been a different hero every single game.’

It has been a very rainy season so far for the Bees, many games have been rained out, or postponed. This hasn’t stopped them from playing their best, varsity has a current overall record of 15-8. Come out and support as they  play their next game on May 4th at Solon High School.