Chloe Wise, Staff Writer

VOFT, or “Volunteer Opportunity for Teens”, is an all day dance marathon that takes place at Medina High School. The students who want to participate have to raise $50. It happens every two years and raises copious amounts of money for local charities.

Mrs. Wesemeyer and Mrs. Florian have been the advisers for VOFT for almost 10 years and have assisted prior to that.

Each year Wesemeyer and Florian have student leaders who help run events such as the Blood Drive, the Dance Marathon and decide on where the funds should go.

“The Dance Marathon usually has about 600 to 800 participants who donate $50 dollars or more in order to join in the day of fun,” stated Florian.

The money donated is given to various charities and helps assist families in need. This includes the Medina community and groups or clubs that need monetary assistance.

“We have donated to the Cancer and Leukemia Society, we sponsor the Jessica Schaffer Memorial Scholarship, we have donated to Medina Families in need over the holidays, and also the Special Olympics,” stated Florian.

VOFT helps families in need while students get rewarded for giving to the community. “The Dance Marathon is truly that. The students dance all day to an outstanding DJ. For the donation, the students get to dance during the school day while knowing that the money raised will go to help many charities and families in need,” stated Florian.