Staff profile: Mr. Oehler


Tad Oehler is known for many things at Medina, such as his boisterous laugh, his pink tilapia Princess, and the ram horns that were shaved on the sides of his head during the beardathon, but he also is a very “fungi” (fun guy haha biology).

Mr. Oehler has been teaching for nineteen years and has spent fifteen of those years here at Medina High School. He is currently teaching biology and honors biology, but has taught a variety of other classes such as health, environmental science, anatomy and physiology, and astronomy.

Mr. Oehler attended college at Bowling Green initially to become a Marine Biologist, however as you may know, Bowling Green is surrounded by corn fields, so he couldn’t get as much field experience as the job required. Instead, he followed the footsteps of both of his parents and went for the teaching route.

Mr. Oehler enjoys teaching at Medina because he gets to meet and be around many young students. He also admires the size of the school and the various opportunities and personalities that pass through it every day.

Mr. Oehler enjoys playing basketball, fishing and is a  Cleveland Browns fan, stating “which is why I’m always miserable.”

His favorite food is any type of seafood, and he has one daughter in first grade, and another in fourth at Northrop. He also states that he supports any presidential candidate that is not Trump.

Overall, Mr. Oehler is a teacher who is very passionate about what he does, and has an affinity for all things biology.