Starting out with flying colors

The Medina High School color guard.


Musical Bees Guard members

The MHS marching band season doesn’t start until the end of summer, but the color guard has already been preparing. Tryout practices began on April 4, 2016, tryouts were on Monday, April 25.

“Tryout practices have taught me that as long as you put hard work into what you love, you can succeed at anything,” Freshman Anna Denman said.

The guard begins their summer practices a week before the marching band learns their music.

“Guard is the visual part of marching band,” said Junior Danielle Kendall.

The guard is made up of the Stingers and Beeliners. The Stingers use flags during parades and games, while Beeliners use pompoms. During competitions, Stingers and Beeliners use the same equipment and uniforms.

“My favorite part of guard is that I gained not only a group of friends, but a group of sisters,” Denman stated.

Although the guard is close-knit, there is some friendly competition between Stingers and Beeliners.

“Stingers are always better than Beeliners,” said Denman.

The guard began in 1986 with only Beeliners; Stingers were added a year later. Many things have changed, including the equipment and uniforms.

“Gogo boots!” Kendall said when asked what she wants to bring back. “The girls used to wear white ones and would kick their legs up so high that they’d kiss their boots with red lipstick.”

Overall, the guard is a fun, exciting sport that you can enjoy whether you are in it, or watching.

Watch out during football games in the 2016-2017 school year for the flying flags and popping pompoms of the color guard.