We say goodbye to our favorite seniors and remember them for all the good memories they brought us.


It is that time of the year where seniors are getting ready to move on and underclassmen are wishing they they would stay a little longer. In honor of these leaving Medinians, seniors were asked some basic questions about their high school experience.

“What was your favorite part of your high school experience?”


Ally Villeneuve – “High school was an overall amazing experience that taught me lots. My favorite part about the past four years at MHS is the people I have met that impacted my life immensely. From teachers to students, everyone I have met during my time here has helped me develop into who I am today.”


“What is some advice you have for underclassmen?”


Gabrielle Derrig – “ Do not be afraid to be yourself! Do whatever makes you happy! Do not worry about what other people have to say!”


“What are things you wished you did differently?”


Taylor DeAgazio – “I would be involved more with the school and take more pictures throughout the years. I would also just experience more clubs and places that Medina has to offer.”


“What is one teacher you will never forget?”
Emily Cassidy – “I will never forget Mrs. Brown. She was incredibly caring for her students and also very passionate about teaching History. She made History enjoyable for me!”