“Almost, Maine” Review

A small town with big problems


Almost, Maine, the production performed by Medina High School, gave you a feel for how small town relationships can get tangled up, with a touch of comedic genius from John Carianai.

The entire show is a compilation of short stories about the romances of the small town with the name  Almost, Maine, and how they relate. There were around twenty students involved in the production and each couple in the play had their own set of  problems that eventually come full circle.

One of the scenes between Jimmy (Ben Ferling) and Sandrine (McKenna Dowd) was set at the Moose Paddy, a local bar. Jimmy is still in love with Sandrine but soon discovers that Sandrine is engaged and she is here for her engagement party. Jimmy tries to fight for her love but it doesn’t work. The waitress explains that “drinks are free for all sad people,” so Jimmy decides to stay all night. Both Ben and McKenna did a great job acting as a couple when they are not in real life. 

The Medina High School Drama Club did a fabulous job portraying characters that maybe weren’t similar to their own personalities. The play showed how small the town of Almost, Maine covered in snow really was like and how such a small town could have such big problems.

Some scenes were more serious and intense while others were more amusing and funny.

The unexpected couples gave you a taste of what surprises the audience would encounter around every corner.

The Medina High School production of Almost, Maine may be over, but it will be some time before you forget the story.  From The Moose Paddy to the apartment laundry room this production had it all.