Safe water for students

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Staff Writer, Emily Beedlow

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May 3, 2016

Medina City Schools water testing

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Safe water for students

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Safe water and sanitation is a must in schools all across the country. Medina city school’s decided to follow the trend of water testing for lead levels.

Director of Business Affairs Jon Burkhart stated, “We were proactive in our efforts to ensure our buildings had safe drinking water.”

Safe drinking water was never a concern in Medina as there’s been a history of safe water. The water was tested in early April of 2016, and it took one day to take the samples and the results were concluded in a week.

“All buildings were found to have safe drinking water,” said Burkart.

The results of safe water in the schools was to be expected. Medina is a very clean and safe school district to be in.


Emily Beedlow, Staff Writer Second Semester

Hi, my name is Emily Beedlow and I’m a sophomore at Medina High School. I’m excited to be a new staff writer for The Medinamite, and with this experience...

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Safe water for students