Gun incident: Student perspective


Editor’s note:

On Friday May 6th, shortly after school was dismissed, there was an incident in the Medina High School parking lot involving two parents who were arguing over a parking space. As the altercation escalated, one of the parents showed a gun.

The Medina Police Department was immediately called and the area was evacuated of any students. The gun was never fired, no students were involved and no one was injured.

Often in determining what we will publish on The Medinamite, we discuss what is opinion, and what is fact, and our responsibilities to readers to stick to “just the facts” when in reality, our lives are a mixture of the facts and our perceptions, emotions and reactions to events as they unfold.

One of many witnesses to the situation was one of our Medinamite writers, Katie Salai. The following is her personal experience on that day.


I was behind the doors that lead out from Mecca hallway to the gym parking lot. I was waiting for my older sister to finish her Junior Leadership presentation at Claggett and come pick me up. I looked to the entrance of one of the parking lots to see a few people arguing and out of their cars. A couple teachers were already there, a police car pulled up, another teacher was redirecting traffic.

My first thought was it was just a fender-bender that got a little more intense. But I looked further down the drop-off lane to see students running into the school, and a couple more teachers running out. One student came in the Mecca doors and told me, and about other 10 students there was a gun outside. I decided to walk back to the Mecca, others stayed back and eventually followed.  

When I got there, about 15 other students had already told the teachers there, and they directed us into the conference room in the main office. Lights off, told to remain quiet and not make any calls, there were over 20 of us now in the conference room. I became nervous that my sister was on her way from Claggett to MHS and she would be closer to the situation.

We heard news from one of the teachers saying they were directing students into the main cafeteria, they all agreed that they would wait until they heard from the walkie-talkies to move us or not. An announcement was made over the intercom to move all students to the main cafeteria.

The teachers directed us out the back way of the conference room into the main hallway, then the lower white hallway. We started walking, then another teacher in the white hallway said, you did this earlier, RUN, so we sprinted the rest of the way to the cafeteria. When running we heard the sound of more teachers telling us that we’re almost there and to run a little further.

Once into the cafeteria, we saw there was over 200 other students along with at least 15 more teachers. We were told to stay quiet, find a seat or sit on the floor, and try not to use our phones. We all waited in silence for a couple of minutes until we were informed that the situation had been secured.

We were then released, I saw my friends and they asked if I knew what happened because they had no clue. I tried my best to describe to them what I saw, I wouldn’t know the full story until the district-wide call was made an hour later.