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A program helping students help others


Since the 2009-2010 school year, Medina High School’s Link Crew has been helping incoming freshman transition into high school.

Two juniors or seniors are assigned to a group of freshman that they will show to their lockers and classes at MHS’ freshman orientation.

Students apply to be accepted into Link Crew near the end of fourth quarter. By logging onto Blackboard, and clicking on the Medina High School students link, the application is available on the very left side of the page, under the Applications tab.

After filling out all the information, the applicant would then submit it online and within a week or so would receive a piece of paper that would say when the applicant’s interview would take place.

At the interview, depending on if the applicant was a returning member or not, the interviewers will ask a variety of questions. A week after the interview, the applicant receives another slip of paper either saying they were accepted or politely declined.

Around 200 students apply to Link Crew every year. Of those, only about 125 students are accepted into the program.

“It gives the upperclassmen an opportunity to show the underclassmen around,” stated Carrie Schreck, head of the student counseling program, as well as one of the four advisors of MHS’ Link Crew.

Even if some students don’t appreciate it in the moment, around their second or third year at MHS, they’ll realize that the program helped them get around the school.

Students applying should consider it as an extracurricular because it allows them to be a leader and help out the younger kids. It’s different than other programs because instead of teachers, the upperclassmen are showing the underclassmen around the school they’ve come to know and love.