Must watch Netflix shows

Students share their favorite Netflix series and movies

Netflix is an online movie and TV show streaming website that has become an addiction to many people across the country. Those who have, or borrow their friends’, Netflix likely know what it’s like to be addicted to a TV show or watch Netflix instead of doing something else they should be doing, like homework or sleeping.

This is a list of some student’s favorite TV series and movies of Netflix.

  1. The Office

“It makes me laugh and whenever I am having a tough day I just watch the Office and it automatically brightens my day.” -Emily Beedlow

“It’s just so funny and random, it’s expanded my comedic sense. It’s one of my favorite shows and it definitely has made an impact on me.” -Mattie Sowers

2) How I Met Your Mother

“It makes me laugh.” -Brian Burnett

3) Trailer Park Boys

“It has the type of redneck humor that I enjoy.” -Aaron Kruggel

4) Donnie Darko

“It’s just really an amazing movie, very mysterious and lots of plot twists.” -Max Howe

5) One Tree Hill

“Because I can relate to the characters and it teaches a lot of life lessons.” -Jill Canfield

6) Parks and Recreation

“It’s funny and the episodes are shorter so you can watch a lot of episodes.” -Max Cobb

7) Grey’s Anatomy

“It’s interesting and you get emotionally invested in it.” -Jessica Church

8) New Girl

“It is seriously so funny.” -Jill Canfield

9) House M.D

This is one of my personal favorite shows. It is just very interesting and dangerously addicting.

10) American Horror Story

My all time favorite show. Each season is its own story, and incredibly entertaining.