Dealing with Disappointment.

From a fellow sufferer

Chloe Wise, Staff Writer


As Medina High School students know, Link Crew and HUDDLE/SHUDDLE can be really hard to get into; since they are two of the main leadership programs offered to students. Guessing you thought you would be a shoo-in as a leader to younger Medina City Schools students.

Let me walk you through the steps I experienced as I tried to get into HUDDLE/SHUDDLE then Link Crew and what was going through my head.

When HUDDLE/SHUDDLE was seeking students to be a role model, l thought I would be perfect. Going through the registration, I thought I had said some good points as to why I was a great candidate.

The day that the forms came out was nerve wrecking. Everyone else got theirs and I didn’t, when I finally did it said that I didn’t get in.

I wasn’t that mad because I thought I would sign up for Link Crew. I signed up, took my interview, told them about myself and my goals and how I was going to the Medina County Career Center and I had already been accepted.

They ended up interviewing me again, saying that 13 people were on the “bubble” but only five more students were needed.  A week or so later I got another slip saying I DIDN’T GET IN.  

No matter what club you didn’t get into, it’s disappointing. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get over the fact you didn’t get accepted.

Step one: With the amount of time on your hands, you can binge watch as much Netflix as you want.

Step two: If you are able to drive, go to the Strongsville Mall and hold as many puppies as you want, because what’s better than puppies?

Step three: Hang out with some friends.

Step four: If no friends are available: Go hangout with your mom, she might think something fishy is going on but who cares, it’s better than being by yourself in misery.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS WATCH THE OFFICE. I would recommend the episode named Product Recall and Money.