A new Señora on the block


Señora Komar en accióń

To some, her presence in room #2114 is new this year. However, Mrs. Marcie Komar is not new to teaching Spanish or even our high school.

Up until this year, Komar’s 18 years of teaching had all been at Claggett Middle School. In fact, she subbed at the high school for Señor Porras last year before working full time here.

“I love Claggett. I love the people. I love the building. I love the kids,” said Komar.  “I just needed a change to energize myself, reinvent myself.”

That change was very apparent to Komar as she became accustomed to the high school’s size.

“Everything is more widespread.” Komar stated. She noted that various trips around the school now take much longer than what they would at Claggett.

Komar grew up in Brook Park, Ohio, attending school at Midpark High School in the Berea City Schools system.  Her husband is actively involved in the education system as a principal at Sidney Fenn Elementary School, where one of her three kids currently attends school.

Komar was always interested in Spanish as a young kid, always watching Spanish Sesame Street skits. The culture and language always fascinated her, but she didn’t realize she wanted to teach Spanish until her sophomore year of college at Ashland University.

While she loves the language, that is not what Komar loves the most about teaching.

“I just love getting to know the kids. I’m a people-person so I love building those relationships.”

She will continue to build  those relationships over the next few years as Komar will get to reunite with some of her Claggett students at the high school.

¡Bienvenidos a MHS, Señora Komar!