Freshmen wake up to sunrise and donuts

Freshmen meet with their Link Crew groups on the Kenneth Dukes football field.

School is back in session. For upperclassmen, it’s back to business as usual, but for new students it can be a time of both excitement and confusion. Freshmen Sunrise is a way for the Link Crew and their freshmen groups to meet early on, celebrating the next four years for the class 2020.

Students were released from 1st period classes August 26 to head to the football field. Freshmen  met with their Link Crew leaders to discuss experiences of their first week of high school, followed by a donut and juice party.

Link Crew has been there since the beginning for freshmen since 2009. Older students take charge of the younger students before the school year even starts, as they are present on orientation day.

“It’s nice to know that you have somebody to fall back on,” freshman student Anthony explained.

Health teacher Stacy Klafczynski is a proud member of Link Crew. She recalled her high school years and revealed how the upperclassmen weren’t as inviting as the students in Link Crew now.

“I wasn’t the type of person when I was a senior to be like, ‘Get out of my way,’” Klafczynski said. She noted that other seniors were like that.

Klafczynski didn’t want to be like the other seniors, and she started a new attitude toward students in her school. “I didn’t want to be that way so I switched that around.”

Following the group meetings, as students filled the grandstands to smother their faces with glazed donuts, Jacob, a junior in Link Crew, discussed why he chose to be a leader saying he has become inspired from his past leaders to stay positive and the best leader he can be.

“I want to make a big impact on the students,”Jacob said.“It will help me become a better leader myself.”