GSA all the way!

On Thursday, September 1, 2016 the Medina High School Gay Straight Alliance met in Mrs. Jennifer Oehler’s room for their first meeting of the 2016- 2017 school year.  

Around 60 people attended, both to voice their support and experience a safe place to express themselves.  Some students from the Marching Band also attended, as they are usually unable to attend due to practice.

Students were asked to make name tags as they walked in that included their name and preferred pronouns.  The meeting was led by Co-Presidents Alan Daubner and Rhiannon Bertemes.

The meeting opened up with a vote to change the name of the club from GSA to Gender Sexuality Acceptance Gay Straight Alliance.  The vote was overwhelming yes to the name change.

GSA Advisor Dr. Boni Wozolek said, “I think the major thing GSA is hoping to accomplish this year is expanding the activities it does to more community based activities that are going to include other GSAs, people in the LGTBQ community, maybe other LGTBQ youth that are not in a GSA but a part of the community that could use an outreach.”

Shirts will be sold for $15 for members and $20 for nonmembers.  Orders are due by September 15. Anyone wishing to purchase a shirt can see Oehler or Wozolek.  

The GSA meets every first Thursday of the month and October 6 is the annual GSA Coffee Break. Different members of the community who RSVP’d are welcomed to attend as well as all students at Medina High School.

“Obviously GSA members are invited to attend. Teachers here in the school are invited to attend.  We take the coffee break flyers and we send it out to people who are interested community members from last year,” stated Wozolek. “The reason that we do that is not to necessarily exclude anyone that might not know about it but to keep our members safe.  It’s people that we know are going to be supportive.”

Medina County Auditor Michael Kovack, a community member attendee last year, stated that the meeting struck him “as a powerful testimonial and also highlighted, to me, the importance of me being there as a way of expressing acceptance of all people.”

This year the GSA will be attempting to collaborate with other local GSAs, such as those in Brunswick and Wadsworth.