Courtyard transformation thanks to GLC

Mrs. Foy’s powerwash creation, the last remaining area of unwashed concrete in the courtyard.

Girls Leadership Club was hard at work during summer break giving back to the community of Medina High School by initiating and completing a cleanup of our courtyard.

GLC is dedicated to developing girls into leaders through reaching out to help out in the community. In addition to efforts in our own building and on school grounds,they help out in the community by participating in the Salvation Army, Deck My Room, Homecoming parade and harvest walks.

Ms. Heather Bolek is the advisor for the Girls Leadership Club (GLC). Art teacher, Mrs. Bobbie Foy, inspired Bolek with the clean up idea.

“Ms. Bolek and I met last Spring and started talking about GLC,” Foy said. In past years the Girls Leadership Club maintained the courtyard back when Foy’s daughters were a part of the club.

The courtyard was overgrown and the girls removed shrubs and weeds during the cleanup process. “In June we weeded and took out dumpsters of weeds,” said Foy. “The weeds were four feet high.”

They didn’t only work in the month of June. “We came back in August and put down newspaper first as a weed barrier and then we put down 150 bags of mulch,” Foy stated.

Kaley Kralovic, a student and member of GLC, also participated in the clean up. Kralovic learned of the opportunity when Bolek posted information on Blackboard.

Kralovic had to get up at 7 a.m. each day in order to be at the High School. Kralovic helped in taking out the overgrown shrubs.

Mrs. Foy went out and power washed the courtyard. “After the mulch was down, I borrowed a power washer and washed the concrete off,” Foy stated.

If you look closely at the courtyard there is a spot that is not clean. “There is a big heart,” Foy said.  “That’s how dirty it was so I left it intentionally so everybody could see the before and after.”

The GLC courtyard cleanup was an utter success. “Between the shovels and the sweat, they tore out so much stuff, they did amazing work,” Foy said.