Oh shoot, the boot!


With the new school year came some changes for student drivers at Medina High School. 2016-2017 welcomed the boot. If a student is parked in the wrong parking lot, or they’re caught without a parking pass, their car will be booted.

During certain times of the school day, there will be a sweep over a designated parking lot to check cars for parking passes.

Mr. Brenner stated, “If they have a boot on their car, they should come see myself or Mr. Charvat, and there will also be a fee to get the boot removed and once they get a parking permit they can park with everyone else.”

According to Brenner, stronger enforcement this year will ensure all students buy a parking pass and  alleviate the unfairness of students parking without buying a permit.

“We didn’t believe it was fair for those students who bought their permits, to the kids who don’t buy their permits, and get to park in the same parking lots,” said Brenner. “So we wanted to make sure it was fair across the board.”

Booting cars wasn’t always the way MHS pushed the use of the parking permit, it used to be that their car would be towed. But now, the boot is a faster and more efficient way of keeping the parking lots free of students without parking passes, and making sure students park in the right area.

“It’s the easiest way, and it’s cheaper than the alternative which is towing, and we find a car without a parking pass, and we tow them, it’ll cost $200, whereas this, they come in take care of it in the building and it’s done,”  stated Brenner. 

If a student continues to avoid buying a parking permit, and refuses to park in the student designated lots, they won’t just be booted.

Mr. Brenner stated, “The way we have it now is that everybody we put a boot on will get a parking pass, so it shouldn’t be an issue past that. But, if there is someone who keeps doing it and we catch them, and they refuse to get a parking permit, then yes we tow them”.

Students should make sure they buy a parking permit this school year to prevent their car from getting the boot, or even worse getting their car towed.