Sayonara Seniors

On Thursday, September 8, seniors met on the football field at 6:45 am to share coffee, donuts and memories of the past three years as well as to welcome their final year.

The concessions were provided and served by the Junior Student Council including President Delaney Baumann, Melissa Gottschalk, Paige Johnson, Abby Fox, Mike LoSchiavo, Jenna Klecar, Kevin Horrigan, Hallie Auth, Claire Leupp and Senior Advisor Mrs. Charlotte Kolke.

“I think Senior Sunrise is a time that we can kick off senior year and reminisce on the last three years. This morning was full of nostalgia and it’ll be something all the seniors that attended will hopefully be able to look back on and remember happily,”said Holly Schneider, Senior Class President. “Among the donuts and coffee was laughter and joy. Class of 2017 sure does love their breakfast food!” 

Seniors got their refreshments and climbed into the home field bleachers to enjoy time with their friends and the sunrise.  Old favorite songs played over the speakers including songs from “High School Musical” and “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne.

“It was great to see people I otherwise wouldn’t see during the school day, and to reconnect with them.” said senior Evan Moreland.
The Senior Sunrise was a success thanks to MHS Student Council, MHS staff and the seniors who attended.