Ducks? Ducks. Ducks!

Ever wonder why there are sometimes ducks in the MHS courtyard? Almost ten years ago, the first ducks migrated into the courtyard and art teacher Mrs. Mary Lobuglio has looked after them ever since.

“They eat starter/grower poultry food from the feed store,” said Lobuglio. “So that their feet will develop properly and they don’t get weak-knee syndrome.”

When it comes to safety, there are gates over the courtyard sewer holes to prevent ducklings from falling in while nesting.

One of the Mallard ducks was named “Score” until the students in Lobuglio’s ceramic class renamed it “Duck Norris”.

At one point, there was even a duck-naming suggestion box in the hallway next to the courtyard. Nothing became duck-naming suggestion box. 

The ducks usually stay in the courtyard for about three months before migration for the winter.