Alive and Kickin’


Aaron Holmes

Boys Varsity Soccer huddles up before the game

Medina was doing everything right as they picked up a big win over Strongsville last Tuesday night in a 2-1 victory. Both of Medina’s goals were scored by a fired up Andy Prostor working well with senior midfielder Will Turrittin.

Medina got things going in the first half through the first of Andy Prostor’s two goals. Strongsville followed that with a goal of their own to the dismay of the Swarm. Going into halftime we had a stalemate, both teams matching each other’s intensity.

Coming out of halftime, Strongsville and Medina were constantly battling, ultimately with Medina pulling out one more goal the second half for the win. Andy Prostor weaved through two Strongsville defenders, scoring with a shot inches from the goalie.

Speaking about the team’s mental state going into this tough contest, Prostor said, “Our talk before the game was this was just one of those games we have to win.”

Copley, Strongsville, and Brunswick are Medina’s biggest rivals and everytime they play it’s always a must win, especially at home.

On the chemistry between Will Turrittin and himself Prostor responded with, “It’s a honor to play with someone that capable.”

Following up, Prostor said that if you tell Turrittin to do anything on the field, he’ll get it done. The team has so much great talent playing at a high caliber that helps them get better results against any team they play.

Coach Simon Spelling was disappointed in the level of play in the team. He has high expectations for them and believes they need to play at a higher intensity to get to the standard that he wants. But, he was impressed with Turrittin and Prostor.

On Spelling’s response to the game Prostor said, “It tells you the quality of the program, with our coach he demands everything.”

Medina left with a win last Tuesday night, but they have plenty of room to improve on to get to a championship level.

A big win over a rival is sweet no matter how it comes, but Medina wants more and Spelling’s response to their performance this game is a reminder of that. Medina wants to win it all and they are on their way to do that.