You can’t rain on Medina’s parade: The 2016 Medina Band Show

Fans filled the stands and braved the rain on Saturday, September 17 to support our Medina Musical Bees at the Medina Band Show.

The bands who attended included The Brooklyn High School Marching Band, The Northmor High School Marching Band, The Highland High School Marching Band, The Riverside High School Marching Band, The Lucas High School Marching Band, The Shelby High School Marching Band, The Streetsboro Marching Band, The Claggett and A.I. Root Middle School Marching Bands, and The Medina High School Marching Band.

The marching bands prior to Medina’s played many fan favorites such as “Victorious” by Panic! At The Disco, “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance, “Confident” by Demi Lovato and “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Fans, as well as other bands, could be seen in the stands dancing to the music of their competition on the field.

Medina Alumni were there to lend their support. Belle Mercurio, a 2016 graduate who performed as a Stinger, said, “I came back because I love the sport and I wanted to help Tina, our band director, be the best that we can be.”

At would-be intermission, the announcer delivered the news that intermission for the show had been canceled due to an approaching storm, much to the audience’s delight.

At this point, The Highland High School Marching Band could be seen in the Swarm, Medina’s Student Section, putting on their large green rain jackets.  Many bands soon followed their lead pulling on their rain gear.

Just as the rain began to come in harder, Highland’s Marching Band took to the field to perform their routine.  The stands became a sea of plastic rain ponchos and umbrellas as Bee Keepers, the Medina Marching Band volunteers, took refuge from the rain underneath the bleachers.

The Medina Musical Bees were the final performers of the show, with the Stingers ripping off their jackets to reveal long shiny red capes.  “I actually really like performing in the rain, it’s fun!” said Jasmine Martir, a senior on Stingers.

Soon after followed the band still in their jackets but hoodless and plumeless.

The percussion section, the xylophones and timpanis, kicked up water as students played while the rest of the band marched on slick astroturf.  Halfway through Medina’s performance, the rain stopped and the band finished their performance strong.

All of the bands were presented with a participation trophy after competing, presented by the Medina Beekeepers.