Finding Niemo


Mrs. Jessica Niemantsverdriet (often referred to as “Niemo”) is a Biology and AP Biology teacher here at Medina High School. Believe it or not, Niemo is just like her students.

In her free time, she is a serious Pokemon GO player. “I’m a big time Pokemon GO player, I’m level 24…” Niemo explained.

“When we had our first football game of the year at the Lakewood, we went out to Lakewood and the least I could do for Medina was to take over the gym.”

Also like some students today, Niemo was told not to become a teacher; “All my teachers in high school told me not to become a teacher because I had too much potential,” said Niemo. 

She was a teacher assistant in her Biology lab her junior year at college and she began to help a girl who was frustrated.

“I don’t remember the girl’s name but I remember she was looking the microscope she was frustrated, she said ‘I have no idea what the lab is talking about,’” said Niemo.

“I walked out of that lab every single day I got to teach it, on cloud nine and I got to be a teacher,” said Niemo. She then finished her biology degree and went back to school to complete her teacher certification.

During her 17 years at MHS, she’s had many memorable moments. She had a student in her AP Biology course who without her compassion wouldn’t be going down a good path.

“He fought through that class, that whole year and the last day of school as a senior he brought me in a bunch of white roses and he goes, ‘Mrs. Niemo, I wanted to let you know the impact you had on my life and the difference you made,” Niemo explained.

“Sometimes I can’t believe they pay me to do this. Cause I love it, I really do.” Niemo explained.  “It’s such an honor and a privilege to teach at Medina because of you kids, the community, and my fellow teachers.”