Life is but a dream

Row, row, row your junk boat…


Lexi Baumann

Team “Jane” getting ready to set sail.

Students gathered at the Forest Meadows Lake on Tuesday, September 20 to race their homemade boats made out of trash and recyclable materials.

The Junk Boat Float was hosted by science teachers Mrs. Niemantsverdriet and Mrs. Frawley as well as Spanish teacher Mrs. Schorr.  This year, over 35 boats were entered into the competition to raise awareness about pollution in our ecosystems.

Students walked to the lake in the morning, having every boat dropped off before classes started.  The water was warm and the weather was warmer, students could be seen jumping in and swimming to the loser’s boat to pull them in.

All day, students competed in a double elimination bracket in order to have a chance to win first place and be crowned the fastest boat.

The boats were made out of many different materials including cardboard, water bottles, kitty litter containers, and empty oil drums.

Although fairly broad, there are design requirements. “Plastic waste must be incorporated in design. Any other post consumer material may be used,” stated Frawley. “Paddles may be constructed or real paddles used. Duct tape or plastic wrap may be used to aid design. Students must paddle- no swimming or kicking feet.” She also noted that competitors are not allowed to use actual boats of any type.

The final two boats in the competition were Boatily Floatily, a team composed of Medina cross country boys Jake Wickert, Zach Robertson, and Nolan Andrasik, and Jane, team composed of Isabelle Poling, Natalie Cheney, and Richie Holben.  Both boats tried their hardest as they paddled to the finish line, but Boatily Floatily beat Jane by a nose.

The boat float raised $1,368 for new bottle filling stations.  Congratulations to all of the students and boats who competed!