HUDDLE(ing) Together

Luke Chenevey

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April 26, 2017
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Interested in drug and alcohol prevention? Or teaching younger students about other topics like online safety? The HUDDLE/SHUDDLE program is for you! This program is funded through the Medina City Schools Foundation and allows juniors and seniors at MHS to teach elementary school kids these topics.

HUDDLE stands for Helping Us Develop Dedication, Leadership, and Enthusiasm, which teaches the younger students in 4th grade. SHUDDLE adds the S for “Still”, which portrays its focus towards MCS 5th graders, as well as 6th graders at St. Francis.

HUDDLE/SHUDDLE taught about being a good friend and goal setting during their first lesson. The groups did a variety of activities like worksheets, group discussions, and riddle solving. These gave the children a way to get involved with the lesson while also having a great time.

Mrs. Christina Rueger, a fourth grade teacher at Fenn, sees the effects of the program outside of school as students are excited to see their leaders in a different setting.

Rueger said,  ¨It is not rare for a fourth grader to come in one morning and excitedly share how they ran into our classroom leader at the Rec Center or a football game and they were able to talk to them. This kind of role model that interacts with the students builds the confidence of elementary students.¨

Many alcohol and other drug-related topics make some students uncomfortable to discuss.

Rueger stated, “Sometimes the lessons presented by the HUDDLE/SHUDDLE leaders opens students to ask more questions, followed by discussions with their families at home.”

HUDDLE/SHUDDLE is a great program that has helped teach young students in Medina City Schools to make better choices in different aspects of their lives.