Preview of Homecoming Queen 2016


The top 15 candidates for MHS Homecoming Queen displayed in the Mecca Hallway

It’s that time of year again Medina, so guys and girls grab your dates and get ready for Homecoming 2016.

This Wednesday, September 28th speeches from the Homecoming candidates will be broadcasted during third period. The top 15 Homecoming candidates were released last Wednesday. 

The list of the candidates are below in reverse alphabetical order.

Maia Virgei, Leah Steier, Holly Schneider, Jessica Radice, Isabelle Poling, Christine O’Keefe, Kaitlyn Novicky, Ally McGarr, Morgan Mansier, Alexandra Lyncha, KK King, Caitlyn Kasper, Kaley Kralovic, Brittan Hopper and Alexia Baumann.

The escorts are listed below in alphabetical order.

Brett Aguiar, Jaret French, Richie Holben, Aaron Holmes, Jason King, Timothy Maynard, Nicholas Nanosky, Brian Pattison, Cooper Schmit, Nicholas Schmeller, Jacob Semus, Matt Stump, Elliot Vendel, Jacob Vogelgesang and Ryan Webb.

So be sure to pay attention during the assembly and cast your votes starting Thursday, September 29th-October 6th.