“Lit” indeed


Tom Likosar

First gathering of Lit Club including advisor Mr. Thompson.

For those who have the urge to pick up a pen or pencil and express themselves on paper, MHS Lit Club might be the place to check out after school.

Lit Club, formerly known as Poetry Club, welcomes all people into Mr. Thompson’s classroom to come write and meet new friendly faces.

“It’s for people to hang out and meet each other with similar interests,” explained Isabelle Root, co-president of the club. Root and Kaley Kralovic take leadership in the club and run it themselves.

The club sits and listens to one another discuss and read some of their work, with members arranged together in a circle. Every member is greeted with finger snapping after they dip into their creative side.

Lit Club has a judgement free policy. All inspired writers and poets are welcomed with the guarantee of friendly people awaiting for you to come write.

Root stated, “I hope for the club we help a lot of people work on their writing and make a lot of friends and have a good time.”

The club meets monthly after school usually around 4p.m. in Mr. Thompson’s room 2107. Members are encouraged to bring a writing notebook and pen to get their creative juices flowing.

“If you like to read or write and like to think about what most people wouldn’t, Lit Club can be that place,” Root said.

Lit Club is a great activity for people to express their ideas with other people, and they are always accepting new writers.