Homecoming Queen Assembly


    Attention Medina Bees! Have you voted for your Homecoming Queen candidates? Voting ends at midnight tonight.

    Just in case you missed the assembly, here are some highlights from the presentation last Wednesday.

    Every year homecoming candidates are posed with a very important question to answer. This year’s question: “If you could donate to any charity, which one would you donate to and why?”

    The first candidate up was Maia Virgei, stated that her charity was Big Brothers, Big Sisters. She mentioned that as a mentor in the program,her mentee’s mom had pulled her aside and told her all the positive things she had seen through her son.

    Leah Steirer said that she would donate to The First Book Organization, so that everyone can experience the feel and smell of a new book.

    “I couldn’t imagine living in a world without books,” said Sterier.

    The next candidate, Holly Schneider, talked about being nervous about her speech but she realised that  our 2,400 students are people that she calls her friends. The charity she would donate to was Me to We, an organization that promotes education.

    Jessica Radice talked about how children around the world are born with a cleft lip and are unable to smile, so she would donate her money to Operation Smile.

    “At the end of the day, they should enjoy to smile just like we do,” said Radice.

    Isabelle Poling believes in nature conservancy to support wildlife communities and their wildlife. She would donate to animal conservancy and understands that humans need to make animal conservation a priority.

    Christine O’ Keefe stated that she is a huge band nerd and that music is who she is, so she would donate her money to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. The foundation helps kids get instruments that cannot afford them. She believes that music helps build relationships with not only people, but also instruments.

    Kaitlyn Novicky would donate to The Mary Grace Memorial Foundation.  They help people whose families are affected by cancer, specifically in Medina and Stark counties.

    Ally McGarr talked about how at MHS, we learn how to build relationships and manage time during the school year. She explained that not everyone has the opportunity to learn. She would donate to The Malala Fund, a foundation that donates to education.

    Morgan Mansier said she would donate to the St Jude Research Hospital. She stated that the foundation is dedicated to making sure that families never see a medical bill.

    Allie Lyncha talked about how people struggle with self esteem every day.  She would donate to  the I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation, a foundation dedicated to rebuilding self esteem.

    The next candidate, Kaley Kralovic, stated that she loves to make people smile. The stage is a second home for her, so after Improv Club’s show No Foolin’ last spring she decided to donate to the Colin Cares Foundation to help kids who are diagnosed with cancer. Kralovic stated that even though she doesn’t have one million dollars, she can still change the world one laugh at a time.

    KK King said dance has been a huge part of her life since she was five. She said that she would donate to Dancing Dreams, a foundation that gives children a chance to dance, helps build confidence and teaches them that they can do anything.

    Caitlyn Kasper said she  would donate to Eagle Lake Camps, The charity pours into the growth and well being for the children at different camps and helps then enjoy the purpose of being on a team.

    The SPCA was the charity chosen by Brittany Hopper, believed that you can’t change the world or the people in it, but you can influence it.  The foundation protects animals from being treated inhumanely.

    Alexia Baumann said she would donate to The Happy Hippie Foundation.  The founder of the foundation is Miley Cyrus and they are happy to lend a hand in the youth in the community. It also helps out with the LGBT community and suicide prevention.

    These are your candidates Medina, so hop to it and cast your vote by midnight tonight!

    To vote, go to Blackboard, Medina High School students tab and then click the first link for Homecoming.