The machines are ´soda´licious

Vending machines are back in business


Alex Anthony

Michael Gallucci buys a drink from the new machines

In early September, four new vending machines were placed in the cafeteria. Two were put in the main cafeteria and the other two were placed next to the junior commons. Their sudden appearance was as abrupt to many as was their disappearance a few years back.

Head of the food department, Ms. Angie Sellars, was happy to clear up the unanswered questions . ¨All of the products in all of our vending machines meet the requirements set by the USDA Smart Snack For School guidelines,¨ Sellars said. ¨The main purpose of the new machines is to give students more options between classes and after school.¨

The reason the machines were originally removed from the cafeteria was because of a change in FDA regulations. The venders of the products available had to adjust what was placed in the machines.

Some of the drinks available seem to be outside of the guidelines as many would assume they would have high sugar content. The Mountain Dew drinks are diet and have 16g of sugar which is under the General Nutrition Standards. Every drink and food option must be approved by the Ohio Department of Education.

The installment of the new vending machines has raised curiosity about the return of soft serve ¨It will be brought back on occasion,¨ Sellars stated. The soft serve yogurt was only available twice last year but it may be sold more frequently. There is a glisten of hope Medina.