A long drive to the top


Golf, the sport of precision and thought. One ball and plenty of green to drive through in the least amount of strokes possible. Medina swung its way through a season of ups and downs in a competitive season.

The boy’s golf teams are coached by Varsity Coach, Mr. Chris Miller and  JV Coach, Mr. Mike Weyand. Mr. Michael Mozingo also lends his expertise to the teams.

For those who are unfamiliar with golf, Miller and Mozingo helped clarify exactly how their matches work.

“We play several 18 hole matches with anywhere from 8 -24 teams,” Miller said, “In these matches, you are competing with 5 or 6 players and taking the lowest 4 scores out of the members you brought.”

They also play head to head duel matches over 9 holes. They pair up with one or two teams, taking the top four scores out of the combined teams to determine who wins the tournament.

On the team’s ups and downs throughout the season, Coach Miller said, “Team needs to develop some consistency.  We have too many players that will play well on a one day, and shoot poorly the next.”

Through the noticed inconsistency, the Medina Boys Varsity Golf team still managed to finish second place in the GCC tournament―trailing Brunswick, a, a team that gave them trouble all year.

“Last year we won the league, Brunswick finished 3rd or 4th,” Mozingo stated. “This year Brunswick is very good, and we’ve had a hard time beating them.”

There have been some highlights during the season including Senior Tyler Grabowski. Both Coach Miller and Coach Mozingo agreed that Grabowski has been a standout player on the team.

“He is regularly shooting in the 70s and shot a 1 under 71 at our last big open tournament,” said Coach Miller.

Grabowski and Sophmore Colin McClowry are advancing to Districts and will be playing as individuals on Monday at Pine Hills.

With many seniors on the team, Medina will look to McClowry and its other underclassmen to perform on Varsity next year.