A film that lives up to its title

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, it stars Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, and a ton of other colorful actors.


Directed by Antoine Fuqua, it stars Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, and a ton of other colorful actors.

“Magnificent Seven” is a remake of a 1960s remake to the Japanese film titled “Seven Samurai”. The film takes place back in the Wild West during the 1860’s.

If you were looking to walk into a theater with hunger for action, then this movie will give you an entire entree. The film does not skimp out on all the bloodshed, I left the screening satisfied.

This movie is PG-13, though pushed the rating in my opinion with its excessive violence. The audience only gets to see two major gunfights throughout the film. The first fight gets you invested into what the final battle will consist of.

It gives you a taste of how each character has their own style of combat, which I thought was impressive on the director’s behalf to give each character a specific fighting pattern. The use of practical effects when dueling it out in the town gave the film a more real tone, which provided the same charm you would find in a John Wayne film.

All the stunts and explosions were choreographed pretty well resulting in neat shots for the final product. This final battle between Bogue, his men, and the seven is Fuqua’s gem to audiences. It is almost twenty-five minutes long of explosions and firearms, and It was one of the most lively experiences at the movies I had this year.

Coming from a sixteen-year old male, the fast-paced rampage between good and bad had my eyes glued to the big screen. That scene alone is worth an additional ticket price to come watch the utter awesomeness unravel. It doesn’t end there.

As soon as the last shot goes to black the credit sequence brings in a classic Western score. It ended brilliantly and even recalled to the younger child in this teenager.  

The Magnificent Seven gave a pleasing end to this year’s summer blockbusters. This movie would be a great night out for anyone who wants to sit down and enjoy a flick with handfuls of popcorn. I recommend this to all nostalgic die-hard Western enthusiasts who are seeking to capture the same great experiences from past cowboy films.

All the actors and employed people who put effort into the outcome worked hard and you can tell the film pays off in the long run. Fuqua has done it again with another successful film to his timeline. Strong performances and phenomenal violence was well worth the ten dollars you pay. 

The Magnificent Seven is in theaters now and it is rated PG-13.