Why are recycling bins so optimistic?

Because they’re full of “cans”!


Staff Photo

Recycling bins can now be seen all around MHS.

From giving teachers recycling bins to getting together and sorting through recyclables, MHS Recycling Club is in the process of making Medina a greener place. The students are lead by Mr. Tad Oehler, and President Dayna Nguyen, who even recycles at her own home.

“One day my friend, Valeria Marcu, commented on how much paper the library simply threw away. Ever since I couldn’t help but notice all the paper being tossed out every day,” said Nguyen.

According to Oehler, Recycling Club had a great turnout for their first meeting. From this, they are generating more action and recognition into one of today’s biggest issues. 

Recycling makes me feel like I’m a part of something much greater than myself. ”

— Junior Dayna Nguyen, President of Recycling Club


“Recycling is how we can make a difference for future generations; it is a small action that has enormous impacts,” said Nguyen.

Oehler collects all the teacher bins, and later Recycling Club sorts them out and drops them off at the Board of Education Office across the street.

“In working towards a healthier planet, even by tossing paper into a green bin instead of a gray one; we’re trying to save the world from its most dangerous enemy, humankind,” stated Nguyen.