A step into the future

A look into our school district’s new website


On October 22nd at Boyert’s Farm, one of the various “Community Chats” led by Superintendent Aaron Stable introduced the school district’s new website.

The website of the Medina City School District has been long overdue for a remodeling. Its website was a collection of information that was roughly organized for its base use of knowing the “happenings” of the MCS. This renovation has made many helpful changes to our district’s website.

The first thing you may notice when opening Medina’s new website are the scrolling photos at the top of the website. The photos highlight all the events going on in the MCS  by presenting a picture to go along with it.

Mrs. Patricia Barany, a teacher at Medina High School said, “It’s fun to see all the little kids and the things that they’re doing.”

Directly underneath the scrolling photos are the global icons. The global icons provide a central location for information to make it easier for the community to find what they are looking for.

Mrs. Amy Lloyd, a teacher at Claggett Middle School, commented on what she thought of the website saying, “I like the clear link to each school page and how well organized the information is on the individual school page.”

One thing Amy Busby, Medina City School Community Relations Coordinator, is especially proud of is the new app for the website.

Busby said, “There you can get the latest news, contact staff through the directory directly, breakfast/lunch menus and student information such as grades, missing assignments, and low cafeteria balances all in the palm of your hand.”

The Medina City Schools staff has combined innovation and ingenuity to redefine the website into an impressive, modernized site. The changes to the website that were made will continue to make ripples throughout the community as more discover its renovation.