I ¨mustache¨ you a question…

…but I´ll ¨shave¨ it for later


Kaitlin Farnsworth

The 2015 Beard-A-Thon trophy, currently found in Mr. Nathan Fallow’s classroom.

The Medina High School Beard-A-Thon is a fundraiser that works with “Project Santa” to help provide Medina City School District students with presents this Christmas. During the whole month of November, students will be asked to donate money to participating teachers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

In return, some teachers will not shave for the whole month of November. But not everyone is left out; other teachers might consider purchasing a beard, or even draw one on themselves.

Head of the Beard-A-Thon Mr. Matthew Haramis likes that this fundraiser helps local families. He also likes how people able to see where their donations are going.

Haramis stated, “It’s a great way for our students to help support some of their Medina classmates that are less fortunate. Last year, we gave about 60 $120 gift cards out, over $7000, and that was just to MHS families. This year, it is the whole district.”

After the money has been counted, they take all of the money collected in the district and the teachers get together and go shopping. They go to Toys “R” Us for the younger students and try to purchase gift cards for the older students.

“We do this so we can try to give back to our Medina City Schools community,” said Haramis.

Bring in some extra change to your teachers and help give a fellow classmate a good holiday!