Marching band: bee-hind the scenes

Get to know the Musical Bees own “Uniform Team”


Lillian McAfee

Before the trip to Toledo for state playoffs, the Uniform Team gathers for the outfitting of Musical Bees.

For fifteen years, the Medina Musical Bees have shattered their own standards, earning superior ratings as a successful AA marching band. The Medina Marching Band preps for competitions, football games, and parades, but how do they manage to get all of their equipment ready in a timely manner? That’s where the Uniform Team comes in.

The Uniform Team is a group of parents and marching band members who volunteer to distribute the uniforms in an orderly fashion; as well as ensure that all uniforms are clean and ready for any parade, football game or competition.

Donna Toth, Uniform Co-Chair stated, “Our Uniform Team members are wonderful, selfless people. They pitch in, get their hands dirty (sometimes literally) and never complain about the long hours and back to back games/events.  We ask our volunteers to be at the high school 1/2 hour before student call time and to return after the event. We usually have 15 to 18 volunteers at each event (both marching and guard volunteers).”

The team is really organized, which allows for a process that makes the flow of students receiving their uniforms go at an amazing pace.

“The marching uniforms are hung numerically by jacket number on six uniform racks. The students stand in the appropriate line to pick up and return their uniform. Each line has two adult volunteers and during return three student leader volunteers,” said Toth. “The sight of our 300 tired and sometimes sweaty Musical Bees coming at you all at the same time can be a bit overwhelming – but the WONDERFUL uniform volunteers take it all in stride.”

In order for the Marching Band Season to begin, it is imperative for every member to be fitted properly before any event actually takes place, at this time Concert season fittings also take place.

“The three days of fittings during the summer – we are in the building from 3pm until 10pm – about 30 volunteers each night – we fit approximately 330 students (marching/concert) this last July.  Of course, there are countless hours spent inputting spreadsheets prior to fittings and after. The 34 guard members are fit in late May,” Toth stated.

This team contains amazing, dedicated people who work just as much, if not more than the Marching Band to ensure excellence, they also take it upon themselves to care for each other and each and every member that enters their line.

“These great volunteers get to know each student’s name, face and personality, said Toth. “Each person, parent or student, gives up their time and talent for the greater good of our Musical Bees.  It really is a labor of love…”