Tutoring center is always open for help


(from left to right) students Cole LaGrand and Jillian Canfield.

The MHS tutoring center has been in existence for over 30 years and was established by long-time volunteer Joyce B. Ebner. Currently, Mrs. Carolyn Grenfell runs the center. She is a busy bee, making sure the students are matched up with the appropriate tutor and by communicating with students and staff.

“My responsibilities include researching schedules and grades, matching students with their tutors, supervising the center, communicating with staff, students and parents, organizing recognition programs, coordinating orientation between students and their tutors, and attending meetings,” Grenfell said.

The center currently has 162 student volunteers, 157 students matched with a peer for tutoring, and 98 students attending the Math Lab. They also have service students at Claggett and A. I. Root Middle Schools.

“The Tutoring Center makes a huge impact on our students here at MHS. Not only do their grades improve, but our students have more confidence in their abilities. The tutors in the program are wonderful role models,” Grenfell said.

Jillian Canfield is a Biology tutor who volunteers at the center Monday through Friday. She feels that the tutoring center impacted her by teaching her patience 

“I feel like tutoring has taught me a lot of patience and working to help other people more than I had before,” said Canfield.

Cole LaGrand is a student in the center currently being tutored in Biology, he comes to the center on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Without the tutoring center, he stated he would probably be failing in his other classes. “I would probably be failing a lot more classes cause if I don’t have anything to do (in this class), I do other homework,” said LaGrand.

He also enjoys meeting new people in the center. “I get to talk to someone I’ve never met before, it’s really fun and sometimes I meet other people,” said LaGrand. 

The Joyce B. Ebner Tutoring Center is a great place to learn and take academic control of your high school career and a great place to meet new people as well