A buffet to remember

Down North Court Street past Chipotle, past Target, and past the home of the famous Speedway slushies lies a place where an odd combination of different foods makes for an enjoyable meal. This place gives customers the freedom to stuff their faces to their heart’s content until a food baby has taken over all movements. But, it’s worth it.

Dragon Buffet will shock some by having pizza next to shrimp and in a weird way, it works. Although they serve a majority of Chinese food, the variety it mixes in there makes it enjoyable for all ages and tastes. It makes for an interesting, but delicious meal. Sure, it isn’t gourmet food, but it’s all tasty nonetheless.

The service is sub-par at best. The service felt very awkward during my visit there, but I didn’t take too much note of it since at a buffet, it’s more of a self-service thing where waiting isn’t really needed except for ordering drinks. The only service needed is the one you provide by scooping some savory steaming Lo Mein noodles onto your plate to devour.

Dragon Buffet is open 7 days a week and has varying prices for lunch and dinner hours. It is $6.69 for the lunch buffet and $10.89 for the dinner buffet. Its hours from Sunday to Thursday during the week are 11 AM to 10 PM. For Friday and Saturday at the start of the weekend the hours are 11 AM to 11 PM. The lunch buffet is a much better deal and to take advantage of that make sure to go before 3 PM.

The doors are open to you Medina, come in and indulge yourself with plentiful amounts of buffet food.