Metallica’s album is rock solid


Sam Moreland, Guest Writer

Ride the Lightning, Metallica’s 1984 thrash-metal album, is one that will leave you wanting more. When played from the beginning, the tracks will take you by surprise with a new, sophisticated sound.

Fight Fire With Fire is a journey through acoustic guitar, while Ride The Lightning is a Metallica hallmark with its high-pitched guitars intro. For Whom The Bell Tolls is a novel classic, with crisp bells added in and a traditional metalhead’s riff.

Fade to Black has been considered by many one of their greatest hits thus far. It has an unnoticeable lower tuned sound that has a guitar solo that works great with the song’s structure. Trapped Under Ice is the razor-edged track with Kirk Hammett’s shredding routine, coupled with Ulrich’s powerful drumming. Escape gives goosebumps with Hetfield’s on-point rhythm guitar and The Call of Ktulu seems like the soundtrack to Godzilla with its monster-like screams and melodic scary guitars.

The full album Ride the Lightning, brings out the best that the band has to offer over a 47-minute and 23-second album and can be considered the reason for the change in the thrash-metal genre that will leave your heart racing and make you feel like you’re in an action movie.