A team effort

Staff and students work together in friendly competition to share holiday spirit

With great success, the Beard-A-Thon has come to a close; and because of the friendly competition among staff, Medina City School students and their families will have a merrier holiday season. It wasn’t even a close shave, with Mr. Haramis in the lead raising $1,210.85, with Mr. Mozingo and Ms. Schurmann in second and third place, raising $507.03 and $317.03.

We raised $3,800 this year. This will go a long way towards helping out MHS students and their families who might be struggling financially,” Haramis stated. “The competition aspect of this fundraiser is in good fun, because in the end we are all working together towards the same common goal, and even the smallest contributions help us achieve that goal.”

Although the competition brought in a lot of money, some were slightly disappointed with their personal results.

Language Arts teacher Mr. David Mohn said, “My classes brought in a total of $212.51. It should have been more, but all of my freshmen betrayed me and gave their money to Mr. Mozingo.

Staff will take the funds to purchase gifts and gift cards that will be given to local students and their families. Student groups will join in on the fun as well.

Student Council Treasurer Megan Varley said, “Student Council is joining together with the basketball team to help wrap and deliver presents to the needy families in Medina County.”

Thank you MHS for your kind contributions and for making someone else’s holiday great!