Coziness moves in on the square

The Book Store opens where The Potomac Bead Company once stood.

Coziness moves in on the square

Natalie Seifert, Guest Writer

There were many aspects of “The Book Store” that could give people a cozy and welcoming feeling. From the small children’s coloring tables to the rocking chair in the corner of the store, almost everything there struck me as “cozy”.

“The Book Store”, in Medina, Ohio is just like its name states, a bookstore. It opened not long ago and unlike the used bookstore just down the street, it sells all new books. What you might not expect, is that books aren’t the only thing it sells.

Rustic picture frames and canvases were on display around the store, and most of them were for sale. Bookshelves line the walls, but tables in the middle of the store displayed jewelry and artwork that were also being sold. In one corner of the store, they even had baked goods and candy sitting out. For a donation of at least one dollar, you could make a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Not only were adult level books being sold, but they had an entire section of the store for kids. Children’s stories took over an entire wall, and small chairs and carpets decorated the area, making it very child-friendly. When you first walk in, you can tell by the decor that making people feel happy was a priority when they were designing the shop.  The customer support reassured this idea as well. It was all smiles from the lady behind the counter, who informed me that the whole store had a 15% off sale going on.

The store is connected to the “Honey Bee Bakery” and isn’t far from other small shops on the square. It sits on the corner of  South Court Street and West Washington, across Lemon Berry.

If you are a person who loves books, artwork, jewelry or a nice place to take your kids, you might want to consider stopping by. Its name might be “The Bookstore”, but if you’re the curious type, drop by and see why some might call it more than a bookstore.