Chance colors outside the lines


The culture of hip hop has been influenced by Chance the rapper since his first mixtape in 2011, “10 Days”. 2016 was no different. “Coloring Book” is Chance’s third self-released album in his short career. It features many mainstream artists including Justin Bieber, Future, Lil Wayne, and even one of the most highly respected rappers of his generation, Kanye West.

Chance the rapper is in a category of his own as he has the ability to mix spiritual hymns into modern music that anyone who appreciates rap can enjoy. “Coloring Book” defies the norms of stereotypical rap with a choir featured for backup vocals.  His seemingly elastic and eye-catching personality was the attention grabber for his self-promoted album.

“Coloring Book” has a sense of non-manufacturable passion and bliss in every song. It is more diverse than any other, as Chance the rapper branches outside rap and incorporates genres untapped by any rapper before.

“Coloring Book” starts off with ¨All We Got¨ which sets the tone for the whole album as it combines choral verses behind Yeezus, Kanye West, himself. This song describes how influential and important music is and how it should be respected because it is all we have. ¨All We Got¨ is an incredible song to open with as it puts your mind in a state of contentment and peace that is felt throughout the rest of the album.

The album’s last song portrays who Chance the rapper is as ¨Finish Line/Drown¨ is one of the most uplifting and heartfelt songs on “Coloring Book”. Chance made this song almost 7 minutes long so he could be represented appropriately on his biggest release ever. ¨Finish Line/Drown¨ could be an album on its own because of the song’s unbelievable power and intensity.

Expectations for the Chicago rapper are only that much higher as “Coloring Book” has been nominated for best rap album of the year. He also received six other Grammy nominations including best rap song, best new artist, and best rap performance. With the city of Chicago behind him and Kanye as his ambassador, the sky is the limit.