Organization made their “First Impression” at E4


Since the E4 Youth Summit in October, participants have learned about their strengths and volunteered with a local organization of their choice. First Impression, Inc, a non-profit organization founded by Kathy Warner, participated in the E4 Youth Summit. 

Formed last year, “Impression” collects and maintains an inventory of business-appropriate attire to distribute to women who are economically disadvantaged. They dressed their first client in March 2016 and recently dressed 10 clients two weekends ago.

Having been to an image consultant herself, Warner wanted to help others dress professionally. She gave examples of clients who reacted positively after receiving their new outfit.

“They felt they looked like million bucks,” said Warner. “They told me how much of a difference having a professional outfit, and that boost of self-confidence, in a job interview.”

On the “Day of Action” in November, participants in the “Impression” group put together gift bags with handwritten notes to be given out to clients.

“After hearing stories like my own they (the participants) realize I don’t have any special abilities, I don’t have a special degree or a magic wand, I just had a desire to make a change,” said Warner.

“I hope they realize what they did for us will make an impact on each and every client we have,” said Warner.

Looking to the future, Warner plans to possibly give clients a week’s worth of clothing, interview tips, complimentary haircuts and makeup consultations. They also plan to help male clients and eventually start a job-networking group.

As for the next E4 Youth Summit, Warner wishes to see “Impression” represented once again and also suggested the idea of more boys signing up for the project.