Tokyo in Medina?

Tokyo in Medina?

Who doesn’t love hibachi? For those who do, Tokyo is the place to get great hibachi.  I ordered chicken hibachi which came with clear water soup.

It is probably one of my favorite soups, especially since it’s deliciously decorated with mushrooms and chives. There is more than just hibachi though, there is also sushi and other delicious and popular  Japanese foods.

Aside from the wonderful food, the service was great. While preparing the food, the chefs put on a show.  I was entertained by the fiery onions and the grand fire to start off the meal.  It’s also a fun place to go, my family always enjoys going to eat Tokyo cuisine.  

I don’t go to Tokyo often, but it’s a treat to order chicken hibachi that included a side of delicious sauce. The food is definitely fresh and reasonable in price.

Tokyo serves both lunch and dinner.  I would recommend going to lunch because you get the same portion but the price is cheaper compared to the dinner meal. Overall, I highly recommend going to Tokyo for the great food and amazing service!