Teachers with training wheels

MHS welcomes all student teachers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.


(left to right) Student teacher Mr. Rogers and language arts teacher Mrs. Oehler.

What better way to practice your chosen profession than to be thrown into the situation itself. At MHS, college students who take interest in education are given the opportunity to be involved with the student teacher program. 

Student teachers are trained to become future educators. All of our teachers-in-training are paired with full-time staff members to spread their wisdom and knowledge. The given participation between student teachers grant MHS students connections they might not be able to receive with the older staff members.

Mr. Mattie, coordinator of secondary education for Medina City Schools, knows well enough about our student teacher program. 

“Student teachers are usually undergraduate students pursuing a degree in education and a teaching license,” Mattie said. He explained that student teachers learn more when they are in their field, observing the mentor, working with the students in class, and receiving feedback than they do sitting in college courses.

“Student teachers provide an opportunity for the classroom teacher to reflect on his or her practice,” Mattie said.

Mr. Logan Rogers is one of seven involved with the program. Paired with Mrs. Oehler, Rogers was given the chance to get his feet wet among classes at MHS.

“There’s no better experience than diving in and getting into the career itself,” Rogers clarified. He dreamt of becoming an educator since he was a child.

Rogers pointed out, “You can only learn from classes or teachers so much.” His involvement at MHS isn’t restrained to the classroom. Since the first week of November, he has been assistant coaching for the MHS Swim and Dive team.

Mattie believes it is always good to invest in our future of education.

“Teachers are very important to our community and the future success of the young people in the community; therefore it is always good to invest time and energy in working with the encouraging new and aspiring teachers,” Mattie said. The district provides many opportunities for student teaching in all buildings.

“I just wanted to be able to dive in and get that experience,” Rogers thoughts on his goal before the program began. He considers having a great student-teacher relationship is important.

Rogers mentioned, “I’m closer in age with the students. I am able to connect with certain experiences more so than older teachers do.”

“Students often enjoy working and learning from a young and enthusiastic student teacher. It can be a fun experience and provides a little variety and a different perspective,” said Mattie.

Rogers overall thought the program and his mentor gave off a welcoming atmosphere. After being engaged in the educator’s reality, he will leave with bright ideas and objectives.

“I’m taking experiences I’ve learned here and applying them to my own job,” said Rogers.