Flying high with “All My Sons”


“All My Sons” by Arthur Miller is a riveting play about twenty one World War Two pilots being murdered and the story of their murder.  Through the use of foreshadowing and tangled relationships, Miller spins an entrancing murder mystery including family betrayal.  

The play is well written, using the diction and tone of the time period and certain societal norms of back then.  For example, the girlfriend of the main character Larry waits for him while he is away at war.  It also contradicts those stereotypes in some parts as well, like when Chris, another main character, refuses to work for the family business even though it is being passed down to him.

The backstory of the play in enticing as it hooks the playgoers in, teasing them with the true backstory about the family’s secrets.  Joe Keller, the manager of the plant which sold the defective airplane parts that caused the pilots to die, is an interesting character as he tries to deny his actions for the death of so many men.

Sitting and watching the play is definitely worth your time as it will leave you entertained and fulfilled.  Be sure to check out “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller next time you are craving a good mystery.