“Illuminate” lights up the charts


A new album has been lighting up the music scene. Canadian artist Shawn Mendes released his second album, “Illuminate”, on September 23rd of this year. It is a good follow-up to his debut album titled “Handwritten”, featuring more of his grown up-side.

“Illuminate” has twelve heart-felt tracks that all have a message. Slow ballads make up the majority of the album, which is different to his first album that featured a more upbeat, pop style sound.

A number one hit single off the album “Treat You Better” can make girls swoon over Mendes.  His other songs like “Honest” and “Bad Reputation” has a more mature message than his previous album.

Shawn Mendes has been compared to other big shot artists such as John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. “Illuminate” was partially produced by Sheeran’s producer Jake Gosling. This helped Mendes achieve the massive success of this album.

His singing/songwriting career has something surprising that makes him different than most artists out there, Mendes writes all of his own songs. He also plays the guitar in his songs as well. His originality shows through his music, with raw emotion to back it up.

Mendes has built up a large fanbase since he first started posting his covers on Vine and Youtube. After his first EP was released, he went on the “1989” tour with Taylor Swift, as well as MTV’s “Hottest New Artists” tour which helped grow his popularity. His fanbase has supported him all throughout this musical journey, with his loyal fans purchasing over 145,000 albums in the first week of album sales alone.

Although there are many positives to “Illuminate”, the album could have been better. “Handwritten” was more original and helped the listener learn more about Mendes himself. There could have been more upbeat songs and not sound as mainstream as this second album did. Both are great albums; don’t get me wrong, I love them both. But if I had to pick, I would listen to “Handwritten” over “Illuminate”.

In the wise words of the man himself, “Don’t Be a Fool” and check out his latest chart-topper. His meaningful songs will capture anyone’s heart, and will leave music lovers wondering; what is next from this pop sensation?