A very handy video

On December 9th 2016, a group of American Sign Language students came together to make a music video for the third year in a row. The song, interpreted by ASL teacher Mrs. Stephanie Jessup, is “Warriors” by The Str!ke.

The video consists of two teams, “battling” each other. Jessup’s vision was that these teams would go back and forth until they realize that they are not so different and join together.

Jessup has been producing these videos since her first year at Medina High School.

“It’s kind of become it’s own thing.” Said Jessup.

When asked about the purpose of the video, Jessup stated, “It’s an outlet for the students, where they can use creativity without the pressure of being graded.”

After the filming, the group of students got pizza, courtesy of Jessup, and talked about how the video went. Once everyone went home, Jessup edited the entire video.

The video is a fun way to get better at sign language and learn more about how to interpret it from English to ASL.

“I think my favorite part is figuring out the theme behind it so that it’s powerful, and it has a powerful message. I also like seeing the students have fun.” Jessup said.