Chinese club starts young


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The H.G. Blake Elementary school Chinese Club has been meeting once a week after school for the past five weeks.

The MHS Chinese Club has been enriching young minds at H.G Blake Elementary School. The club has started going to Blake after school on Mondays to help teach the elementary littles, Chinese.

Jack Taranto, a senior at MHS, has been participating in the program.

“It’s very important to get kids excited about foreign languages at this age because the child’s mind can absorb information like a sponge,” Taranto said. “Thus, it becomes much easier to pick up on the language. The kids are able to adapt fairly quickly even though we meet once a week.”

MHS Chinese teacher Mrs. Shasha Gibbs had some input on the matter, “The younger the better. Languages are only available at middle school level in our district right now; I thought it would be nice and beneficial for our younger learners to also have the opportunity to experience a different culture and language.”

Some lesson plans for the students consisted of basic greetings, the birthday song and even learning about the Chinese zodiac.

Senior Aaron Holmes contributed to the group as well, “I think these things (our lessons) are simple and can be used in everyday life.” Holmes said.