ICE is nice!


Staff photo

ICE club members played a gift-giving game before break.

International Club for Foreign Exchange students, previously known as AFS club, helps the transition of foreign exchange students to MHS. The club features MHS counselor Mrs. Dorene Shirey and President Jacob Vogelgesang.

Members usually meet up after school to insure Medina’s newest students are doing well. Vogelgesang talked about what was it like to be the President of ICE.

“I just organize and set up meetings. We as a whole lead with group discussions,” said Vogelgesang. “It’s nice for everyone to get to know each other and for the exchange students to get to know more people.”

Transferring to a different school can be hard enough, transferring from a different country to a new school can be a challenge. This year, there are three foreign exchange students: Stella Paiva (Brazil), Franziska Tobben (Germany), and Natalia Hansen (Norway).

Collectively, the group helps the new students ease into the Medina community by sharing and simulating the typical American routine as well as celebrating holidays. ICE takes foreign exchange students Trick-or-Treating and also holds their own Christmas parties.

This program is in place to help new foreign exchange students see what’s it like to live in Medina, meanwhile inspiring fellow students to maybe one day experience life in another country.

“The experience that I’m gaining from ICE is helping me learn and improve how to communicate with other students,” said Vogelgesang. “A huge part of an exchange program is opening up, I hope it will inspire others to potentially take an exchange year themselves.”