A brief history of Mr. Medina


A screenshot from last year’s Mr. Medina pageant.

After winter break, MHS students have many school events to look forward to, one of them being Mr Medina. Senior boys will apply to  determine who truly “bleeds green and white”.

MHS teacher Mrs. Laura Calaiacovo and the MHS Student Council put together this pageant for leaders to showcase their talents and their Battling Bees pride.

Senior Student Body President Holly Schneider said, “It’s kind of neat to see who people pick to be representatives of their school.”

Student Council just recently released the five finalists for Mr. Medina last Thursday, January 12. The five finalists were voted on by a selection committee of 35-40 people composed of students from each extracurricular around MHS, along with four teachers. They all read the applications of each Mr. Medina applicant and voted for their top five on a ballot listing all the boys.

The five finalists this year are Matt Stump, Nicholas Schmeller, Nicholas Nanosky, Aaron Holmes, and Tommy Evans.

Schneider talked about the development of Mr. Medina throughout the years, “(It) started as just giving one minute speeches on the announcements and now it has snowballed and developed into something just as big and impressive as Homecoming Queen.”

Mr. Medina started in 2006 with the first Mr. Medina, Mike Woodling. Mrs. Calaiacovo came up with the idea since there had never been anything like Homecoming Queen for the male leaders at MHS before Mr. Medina.

Calaiacovo stated, “It’s a fun way to recognize the leaders in our building who are male because they don’t have that opportunity at Homecoming time.”

This year there were 13 boys who sent in applications for Mr. Medina. The boys who apply are required to list their extracurriculars and have them signed by their advisors, while also having to write a paragraph explaining what it means to be Mr. Medina.

“I think it’s a neat way to say, especially to underclassmen, this is something that you can strive for,” Calaiacovo said. “To be a top leader in the building and make an impact.”