Lost the game, but won the day

Senior Anna Marie Smith goes for the shot.

In a night of unforgettable memories, the entire MHS girls basketball team traveled to Quicken Loans Arena to watch the varsity team play Massilon-Jackson and the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Phoenix Suns.

The Bees fell short to the Jackson High School Polar Bears 41-46 in a non-conference game Thursday afternoon.

“We played really hard. It’s difficult to play on that floor. It’s a longer court; it’s hard to focus on the rim when you’re shooting because it’s super bright. It’s so different than what we’re used to,” said Senior Delaney Cullen. “Regardless, everyone played so hard and we wanted to win and it was close.”

As a younger team, the course of the season has allowed the Bees to progress in how they play together. Now, with less than a third of the season left, the Bees continue to strive for improvement “every day and every game”.

After the game, the freshman and junior varsity teams left for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings while the varsity team got an unexpected visit from Lebron James.

“All of the sudden people start yelling, so I look over and people are running to the curtain and we see Lebron walk right past us,” said Senior Abby Teske. “We’re screaming and jumping and ripping the curtain back and they’re trying to keep it closed and he looked back at us and he smiled.”

To be able to play on the same court as (the Cavs) play on, not a lot of people get an opportunity like that. When will we be able to do something like that again? Probably never.”

— Senior Delaney Cullen

“Funny story, Emma and I were being interviewed and we hear them screaming their heads off like little kids,” added Senior Amanda Holzman. “So I walk around the corner and Lebron is literally standing right there and he goes ‘I don’t know why they’re all screaming over there.’”

When the Bees returned to Quicken Loans after dinner, the varsity team was invited to high-five the Cavs as they entered the court.

“The high-fiving experience was awesome, Lebron remembered us I guess ‘cause he smirked at us,” said Teske. “I think he kind of knew we were the same girls that were screaming in the locker room, it was pretty funny.”

According to Coach Kase, the Bees traveled once to Quicken Loans around five or six years ago. Scott MacDonald, a Cavs manager for youth sports sales and development, and MCS Athletics Director Mr. Todd Hodkey helped make it possible this year.

We were able to work it with Massilon-Jackson even though it was back to back games for both teams,” said Kase. “(However) you make it happen when there’s an opportunity like that.”

“Knowing we played where the Cavs played, the best players in the world,” said Teske. “Going into the game we just wanted to do our best, win or lose, have fun, ‘cause it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”