Sock it to violence by Saying Something


No Name-Calling Week was last week, January 16th to the 20th.  Students were invited to help challenge bullying and name-calling in their communities.

Started by GLSEN and inspired by the young adult novel “The Misfits by James Howe, the week promotes kindness into action and respecting others.  It is an important opportunity to show allyship to LGBTQ+ students, most importantly transgender and gender nonconforming students.

The week is linked to Medina High School’s Say Something program, which “teaches youth and adults the signs of at-risk behavior and how to intervene before someone hurts themselves or someone else”.  The high school recently received a $500 grant because of their ability to “go above and beyond to incorporate the core values of Say Something into their school culture, as well as the community at large”.

Students were welcomed to wear their Say Something! T-shirts on Tuesday, another program installed at Medina High School to prevent school bullying and violence.  During the week, staff and students were promoted to refrain from hurtful comments and name calling.

This week is “Sock it to School Violence Week”, a spirit week that is has different themes for socks every day.  Monday is “Mismatched Socks Day”, Tuesday is “Neon Sock Day”, Wednesday is “Holiday Socks Day”, Thursday is “Socks and Sandals Day”, and Friday is “Crazy Socks Day.”